Emergency Contraception


This webinar will be based on the new guideline that has been developed by the FSRH and brings together evidence and expert opinion on the provision of emergency contraception to women following unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI).

This guideline is intended for UK clinicians including sexual and reproductive (SRH) clinicians, pharmacists, general practitioners (GP), nurses, and any other healthcare professional involved in advising and caring for women who present for emergency contraception. Typical settings where this guidance would be relevant include pharmacies, general practice, accident and emergency departments and sexual health clinics.

You can download this Guidance on the FSRH website for free.

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Dr Sarah Hardman
Deputy Direct of the FSRH Clinical Effectiveness Unit & a Speciality Doctor in SRH at the Chalmers Centre, Edinburgh.
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Claire Nicol
Senior Nurse, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Chalmers Centre, Edinburgh.
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