The two-day course outline

Menopause two-day course, taking place on May 20-21, 2020 at the Mercure Rougemont, Exeter and December 2-3, 2020 at the Radisson Blu, Bristol
(approved as theory component of the FSRH Menopause Special Skills Module)
09:00 Registration
09:20 Introduction: Welcome and setting the scene
09:30 Lecture 1: Background and Symptoms
Physiology including premature ovarian insufficiency; Demographic, social and cultural influences; Impact of menopause: symptoms, sequelae, mood and cognitive function, genitourinary syndrome
10:20 Lecture 2: Prescribing
Prescribing hormones; Prescribing conventional alternatives; Advising complementary alternatives
11:20 Refreshments and informal discussion
11:40 Workshop 1 & 2: Presentation and first line management
1) Understanding the problem
2) Products – a wide range will be available to handle with discussion about how they should be used, how to individualise treatment and how to make rational changes
12:50 Lunch
13:45 Lecture 3: Background health risks
Cardiovascular risks affecting women including coronary heart disease, stroke and DVT and the impact of HRT on these risks; Impact of concomitant disease and medication at menopause
14:45 Workshop 3: Women with complex medical risks: assessment, counselling and management
15:30 Refreshments and informal discussion
15:50 Lecture 4: Gynaecological issues in the post reproductive years
Urogenital atrophy; Overview of female urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, prolapse; Bleeding problems – with and without HRT; Gynaecological cancers and hormones
16:50 Workshop 4: Managing patients with gynaecological problems
17:35 Learning points: Day 1
What have we learnt about patient assessment and management? Ask the team
17:50 End of day
08:45 Registration
09:00 Lecture 5: Breast Cancer and Hormones
Breast cancer risk; Impact of hormonal treatments on risk profile
10:00 Workshop 5: Breast cancer risk assessment and counselling, impact on management choices. Balancing risks and benefits.
10:45 Refreshments and informal discussion
11:05 Lecture 6: Bone Health
Osteoporosis: the problem and the scale of the problem; Assessment tools and algorithms, NICE and other guidance, treatment options
12:05 Workshop 6: Assessment and practical management of fracture risk.
12:50 Lunch
13:50 Lecture 7: Sexual Health
Contraception for the over 40s; Sexually transmitted infection in older women; Sexual function, libido and desire
14:45 Workshop 7: Sexual health issues: presentations and problems
15:30 Learning points: Day 2
Where are we now – pulling it all together
15:50 Practical Training
Working towards competency assessed accreditation
16:00 Tea and depart

A pre-course reading list will be provided and certificates of attendance will be available at the end of the course.